To build and maintain natural places, catch waves, paddle tidal marshes and rios, and observe amazing animals, it takes serious partners. Us and our partners are serious about our clients, guests and properties.

Build, Clean & Repair

We encounter things that needs to built, fixed and improved!

We need strong motor and machines to get around!
Mermaids is our partner
We use the best organic chemical supplies
We've been trained well by gringos from one of Wilmington, North Carolina's best pressure washing company!
Licensed commerical and residential builder!

Health, Well-being & Yoga Experts

We're happy to partner with well educated, well trained, well certified, well insured, and well licensed Experts! We are not fucking around. We want the best people to help us and you be happy!

Seaside Yoga logo
Profesora Ashley
Instructor Erik

Birds, Animals & Nature Experts

We're happy to partner with known biological experts in North Carolina and Costa Rica!

Cornell Lab
Wild Bird & Garden
We have got to see well!

Tools & Delivery, Pickup & Transportation Equipment

Equipment and tools are always important when your pressure washing, watching birds, surfing and praticing yoga. You can count on using high quality equipment!

We use Nissan trucks! Our best buy ever in Costa Rica!
Toyota makes great trucks...And we have one!
We need strong motor and machines to get around!
We ride and race Husqvarna motorcycles!
We use a 13-horsepower Honda pump!
Got to cut, scrape, and screw stuff!